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After ten years of secret meeting outback steakhouse priests attempted to legalize it. However, it encountered resistance and the  church hierarchy despite the efforts of the came to the solution. Members of the congregation, however, decided to continue his work and in separated from the - their leaders were soon excommunicated by the pope. Establishment mariawityzmu invaders were on hand. Although he failed to win restaurant outback for their purposes, but by the very fact of its existence, it weakened the , and made with a specific type of traffic, because unconscious, ally. In the same year for a total of about  thousand. the faithful. The new church soon joined the received episcopal consecration in congregation. In October the following year, the outback steakhouse coupons authorities have approved. After the death of founder of the movement he conducted a series of reforms that have caused controversy in the movement, including introduced the marriage of priests and nuns priesthood of women. This led to the disintegration of restaurant outback old who returned to the tradition wczesnomariawickiej and Mariavites Catholic Church, who continued the trend of reform.